Tailored for Angel Networks

Providing top mark solutions for Angel Networks to help manage Investor relationships.

What Angel Networks Get

01. Pipeline Manager

Share different deals with your investors, let them decide if they are in or not.

02. Portfolio Manager

Give the investors the ability to view and monitor each investment deal's data.

03. Investor Portal

Switch between different investor networks, manage pipeline & portfolio with ease.

04. Monitoring & Follow-up Tools

Assign tasks, share notes, set deadlines and follow the team's progress.

05. Tracking & Reporting Tools

All-in-one platform that allows you to work more efficiently, no need to switch between platforms to get things done, customize and export almost everything whenever.

About Pentugram

Pentugram is a tool that helps facilitate and organize the fund manager's daily operations along with their teams. Pentugram's features allow pipeline management, portfolio management and reporting to be efficient and clear, in addition to tasks and contacts management and other related features.

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